Starting a Small Business Blog

starting a small business blog, finally

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You are an expert in your field. Whether you own a small non-profit organization, you just launched a new start-up or you are the owner of a well-established local shop, your time and expertise are invaluable. But, your marketing efforts are limited because you run a small operation, and that means that it’s pretty much just you making it all work on a day-to-day basis.

The trouble with starting a small business blog, or establishing an effective online presence at all, is that it takes time away from what you’re passionate about – running your business. You need to be where you are most effective for your business, and blogging just isn’t worth your time.

Why small businesses should blog

Take one second and close your eyes. Remember how you got here – your expertise, your knowledge and your passion for what you do. Now, think about all the information and experience you have to share with the world. You have not gotten to this point in your career by accident. There have been trials, challenges, successes and failures. And all the while, you have established yourself as a trailblazer in your field. This is what blogging is able to share with the world. It is a way to show everyone else your expertise and secure your position as an industry-leader.

If that’s not convincing enough, how about some facts? Hubspot, an inbound marketing enterprise, conducted a study of small businesses and their blogging habits. They found that blogging increased web visitors for small businesses by 55%.Blogging PostBlogs shower your knowledge out into the online world, so that you turn up in web searches when people search for information rather than a particular service. But, we all know that the hook is the first step toward converting customers. New potential customers may be initially looking for info, but then – with a well-written blog post – they might end up discovering the value in the service you offer.

How to get help with your small business blog…affordable help

Hiring a freelancer with the right blogging skills and experience is the most affordable way to get blogging help for your business. Hiring a freelancer means that you don’t have to take time away from the necessary day-to-day tasks of running your business. Since a freelancer is not an employee, the cost of getting blogging assistance for your small business is minimal and will pay off as more potential customers visit your site.

It’s a simple formula: use your blog to share your expertise with the online world, and the online world will share potential customers with you. With blogging, you get what you give – exponentially.

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